"when you embrace challenge, you embrace change...create possibilities" 
~Michelle Trabelsi

Michelle Trabelsi  (age 52), Creator of Bootie Camp Yoga®

Bootie Camp Yoga® is a Power Yoga based fitness program that sculpts the BOOTY! We focus on muscle control and use of your own body’s resistance while incorporating breath control & balance. You feel AMAZING after Bootie Camp Yoga® as it sculpts your body and seriously kicks your BUTT!  The average Bootie Camp Yoga® student burns 400-700 calories in a 60 minute class!


Bootie Camp Yoga® choreography is continuously updated by the creator, and certified Bootie Camp Yoga® instructors are trained to offer a safe and effective workout for all ages.   Check out our certification dates and add this fresh, fun and unique workout to your group fitness, gym or yoga studio.  Are you ready to lead the next yoga fitness craze?